Wet Room Shower Screens

Asturias Bathrooms is the place to come when you are choosing a Wet Room Shower Screen for your bathroom. We take pride in choosing simply elegant and divine designs for you to choose from. All of the products come with a Lifetime Guarantee which gives you extra peace of mind. We have a wide range of designs so we know you will simply be spoilt for choice.
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Regular Price:£292.00
Our Price:£146.00
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Regular Price:£338.00
Our Price:£169.00
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Regular Price:£375.00
Our Price:£187.50
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Regular Price:£261.94
Our Price:£170.26
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Regular Price:£394.78
Our Price:£256.61
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Regular Price:£430.12
Our Price:£279.58
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Regular Price:£470.63
Our Price:£305.91
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Regular Price:£310.00
Our Price:£124.00
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Regular Price:£380.00
Our Price:£152.00
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Regular Price:£370.00
Our Price:£148.00
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Regular Price:£375.00
Our Price:£150.00
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Regular Price:£350.00
Our Price:£140.00
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68 results found