Panel Radiators

Why not choose from any of the these luxurious panel radiators which are available in single or double, from white to a smart mirrored chrome, different sizes to trendy designs. They can be placed vertical or horizontal and fitted anywhere around the home and suitable with your central heating system, a dual fuel element or an electric only element. These radiators offer an impressive look and provide plenty of heat around the home.
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Regular Price:£291.60
Our Price:£189.54
You Save £102.06
Regular Price:£226.80
Our Price:£147.42
You Save £79.38
Regular Price:£333.90
Our Price:£217.03
You Save £116.87
Regular Price:£270.90
Our Price:£176.08
You Save £94.82
Regular Price:£371.70
Our Price:£241.60
You Save £130.10
Regular Price:£284.76
Our Price:£185.09
You Save £99.67
Regular Price:£409.50
Our Price:£266.18
You Save £143.32
Regular Price:£302.40
Our Price:£196.56
You Save £105.84
Regular Price:£447.30
Our Price:£290.75
You Save £156.55
Regular Price:£346.50
Our Price:£225.23
You Save £121.27
Regular Price:£157.50
Our Price:£110.25
You Save £47.25
Regular Price:£182.70
Our Price:£118.75
You Save £63.95

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31 results found