Grab Rails

At Asturias Bathrooms you will be amazed at the wide range of well designed Grab Rails we have to offer. We understand that Grab Rails provide that added help for you when using your bathroom so why not choose us for those essential needed products. We have some great products made by Smedbo who are renowned for making beautifully stunning bathroom accessories.
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Regular Price:£73.60
Our Price:£50.00
You Save £23.60
Regular Price:£89.20
Our Price:£60.65
You Save £28.55
Regular Price:£98.00
Our Price:£66.60
You Save £31.40
Regular Price:£98.40
Our Price:£66.90
You Save £31.50
Regular Price:£90.94
Our Price:£72.75
You Save £18.19
Regular Price:£94.80
Our Price:£64.45
You Save £30.35
Regular Price:£101.70
Our Price:£69.15
You Save £32.55
Regular Price:£94.20
Our Price:£64.05
You Save £30.15
Regular Price:£115.40
Our Price:£78.45
You Save £36.95
Regular Price:£76.10
Our Price:£51.75
You Save £24.35
Regular Price:£91.10
Our Price:£61.95
You Save £29.15
Regular Price:£100.50
Our Price:£68.30
You Save £32.20

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13 results found