Electric Showers

Here at Asturias Bathrooms we have a superb range of Electric Showers for you to choose from. All available in a great range of colours to suit your taste and style, all of our showers are available in either 8.5kw, 9.5kw, 10.5kw. We have such a wide range all made by manufacturer's such as Bristan, Redring and Triton.
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Regular Price:£249.66
Our Price:£134.82
You Save £114.84
Regular Price:£260.86
Our Price:£140.86
You Save £120.00
Regular Price:£274.12
Our Price:£148.02
You Save £126.10
Regular Price:£273.10
Our Price:£147.47
You Save £125.63
Regular Price:£284.30
Our Price:£153.52
You Save £130.78
Regular Price:£295.00
Our Price:£159.30
You Save £135.70
Regular Price:£150.00
Our Price:£79.00
You Save £71.00
Regular Price:£162.00
Our Price:£86.00
You Save £76.00
Regular Price:£229.76
Our Price:£114.00
You Save £115.76
Regular Price:£241.71
Our Price:£149.99
You Save £91.72
Regular Price:£283.44
Our Price:£149.99
You Save £133.45
Regular Price:£295.01
Our Price:£149.99
You Save £145.02

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97 results found