Complete Bathroom Suites

Our complete bathroom suites offer quality products at great value for money. You donít buy a bathroom suite everyday and in todays market, the choice of products is simply huge. Our complete bathroom suite collection has carefully been selected with the customer in mind. Simply select your bathroom, add taps and thatís it.

Selecting one of our complete bathroom suites is easy and we can guarantee there will be something to meet all your needs. Complete bathroom suites are available at incredible prices from Asturias Bathrooms. These complete bathrooms offer style and value for money, whilst removing the arduous task of selecting matching units and fittings.

One price and one delivery solution for your bath, shower, toilet, sinks and bathroom suite requirements. Need any help? Click here.
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Regular Price:£680.00
Our Price:£476.00
You Save £204.00
Regular Price:£695.00
Our Price:£486.50
You Save £208.50
Regular Price:£735.00
Our Price:£514.50
You Save £220.50
Regular Price:£770.00
Our Price:£539.00
You Save £231.00
Regular Price:£795.00
Our Price:£556.50
You Save £238.50
Regular Price:£795.00
Our Price:£556.50
You Save £238.50
Regular Price:£835.00
Our Price:£584.50
You Save £250.50
Regular Price:£840.00
Our Price:£588.00
You Save £252.00
Regular Price:£880.00
Our Price:£616.00
You Save £264.00
Regular Price:£915.00
Our Price:£640.50
You Save £274.50
Regular Price:£925.00
Our Price:£647.50
You Save £277.50
Regular Price:£945.00
Our Price:£661.50
You Save £283.50

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21 results found